Monday, September 26, 2011

Crysis 2

As always the Crytek guys we are accustomed to great shooter with stunning graphics and Crysis 2 is to be expected. It is one of the most impressive games the graphics of recent times, also integrates a very successful history. Check out Video Game News

In Crysis 2 will meet in full invasion extratarrestre to Earth, an infection that has killed off half the human population and human side of the CELL is an armed group to end the epidemic and fight against the same extratarrestres time. We find in the middle of this fight, the extratarrestres want us dead and want to get CELL our suit. Our initial goal is to escape the CELL and seek a scientist to help us destroy the extratarrestres, all this will become more complicated when the creator of the costumes appear and help us usher in the hive extratarrestre and to stop firing CELL help.Crysis 2 is one of the few games that has managed to get the most current graphic level and even using a DirectX 9 almost 10, there are times when we seem to be enjoying a giant render movement. Crytek had the great idea of ​​launching a pre-release beta, which could see the level of graphics and gameplay that will bring us the game.In the version of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 appears to be at the level of Killzone or Gears of War. But the PC version, despite not having the long-awaited DirectX 11 rub perfection. Just have to see pictures to verify that the graphic detail is incredible.
Our NanosuitOur Nanosuit be based on the previous games. We will have four main branches: Optical Camouflage, Sprint, Leap and Shield protector. Whether using one or another to the truth is that during the game we will have to be turning on and off to deal with each situation as best as possible. Crysis Sandbox 2 is not a camping permit us to our wide on stages, but we offer a good range at the time of engagement with our enemies. Also Crytek thought that each stage should provide at least three different ways to overcome it, either following the events or for those hardcore players who want to give cane to the game.As in the other deliveries will be our main mission in coming, the best way to achieve our target and eliminate all hostile extratarrestres and human way. To do this we must use our two main weapons to eliminate intermediate and our weapon to cause distractions or cause fear among our enemies.
Gameplay butt

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The fighting is something that we can enjoy Crysis 2 is that since the great FEAR where every time we got involved in a shooting in every shot we saw hundreds of particles simultaneously. Our enemies do not have many lights while the soldiers as extratarrestres CELL.The campaign will last about 10 hours or less. We will also have multiplayer modes, these modes will unlock online rewards and plenty of options with extra experience. The enemies are repeated often enough, in the CELL soldiers will have three types of units: normal troops, snipers and gunners. Besides different variations depending on the weapon you carry. The troop will have a extratarrestres standard, one more armored and middle ranks will normally be a sniper.In short Crysis 2 is a delight for any gamer and especially for PC users. One of the few things that could improve a bit is the AI ​​of the enemies otherwise is a spectacle of graphics and lights, a benchmark in developing video games.